Resume and cover letter writing services

The job of a resume and cover letter is to get you an interview. Period. That’s what we want to help you do.

A well-written cover letter and professional resume tell the story of your career in a way that compels potential employers to want to know more about you right away. At Phenomenal Writing, we understand how critical it is for job seekers to capture attention quickly, which is why we offer visually engaging resumes that stand out from piles of others. Our professional writers will work with you to create your brand. We will help you showcase the impact you’ve made in organizations for which you’ve worked, your accomplishments as well as your managerial style and experience.

Our cover letters and executive resumes for C-level job seekers are backed by award-winning creative writing. We will demonstrate your passion, highlight your commitment and emphasize your skills. We take great care in getting an in-depth understanding of who you are, what you want and which companies you are trying to attract.

Our professional resume writers can even help you draft a follow-up letter or thank-you letter. We believe in a comprehensive job search and will guide you from beginning to end (including communication tips for job interviews with the hiring manager).

If you would like to see a sample cover letter (or professional resume), please contact us today.

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"Great work! Always on time and passionate about the message, speaker and audience. I could always count on Cheril to perfectly capture my voice."
Michael Rashid – Managed Care Executive / Retired CEO of AmeriHealth Caritas