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3 Telltale Signs You Should Hire a Speechwriter

Hire a Speechwriter Telltale Signs

Speech writing is a unique skill unlike any other form of writing (the closest might be live theatre), and public speaking is an art. Individuals who want to deliver talks that stand out, get quoted and lead to more speaking engagements often benefit from having a speechwriter on their side.

Below are three telltale signs you might need to hire a speechwriter:

1- You don’t have the time.
Most professionals who are asked to deliver a speech are already overwhelmed with the demands of their position. A quality speechwriter will already have an established process that is efficient, collaborative, and provides the level of service you need to create a memorable speech. So whether you need a commencement speech for your alma mater, a retirement toast for a colleague, or a persuasive presentation for a big fundraiser, a speechwriter can help you save time.

2- You don’t have the desire.
Writing is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. Some people find the task of writing intolerable, and they just don’t want to do it. If you’re a swamped executive, in-demand physician or over-extended university leader who does not want to write a speech that you’ve committed to giving, that’s fine. A speechwriter who is adept at finding the right words and capturing your voice can get the job done for you. This will alleviate your stress and free you to focus on things that you do want to do (you’ll still have to be a part of the writing process by providing feedback and will need to rehearse your speech, however, so it is not a complete hand-off).

3- You don’t have the expertise.
There are some instances in which you might have the desire and the time, but not the expertise. Perhaps English isn’t your first language, or you’re more of a math and science whiz than a wordsmith—or you have never written a speech before, these are the times where you need the help of a pro. You need to hire a speechwriter. The right speechwriter will help you get your speech written in a voice authentic to you and in a format that drives engagement.

If you have an event coming up and see any of the signs above, contact us today to see how we can help you create a custom speech that fits your personality and unique needs. With PhenomenalWriting, you are guaranteed prompt and personalized service from an established business writer award-winning playwright. Not only is storytelling our specialty, but we also go a step further by guiding you with stage direction, rehearsal tips and more.