Professional biography writing services

A captivating short bio is a necessity for business owners, executives, public speakers and other professionals. Too often short biographies aren’t thought of until it they are requested by a conference organizer or similar group. By then, there usually isn’t enough time to craft an exciting snapshot of the subject’s life and career.

Writing a strong short biography can be difficult, especially if left to the last minute. To stand out from a program full of boring reimagined resumes in paragraph form, a bio should be a formal, yet creative. At Phenomenal Writing, we write biographies that not only introduce the subject but include information specific audiences will care about. We work knowing that one size does not always fit all, and while creating a biography template for each of our clients is standard, we offer customized versions for different events and audiences.

Considering, bios are usually published in conference programs, handouts, and under op-ed bylines, they should be treated as more than a last-minute task. These content pieces can be subtle marketing collateral as well as personal brand advertisements.

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