Save Time, Delegate the Writing


We get it. Your time and energy are stretched. You know that building a presence on LinkedIn (and at large) is essential, but it is challenging to devote hours to creating a thought leadership strategy. That’s why we exist.

We help busy executives build influence on LinkedIn.

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Our ghostwriting package includes a strategy session to determine your long-term goals, a monthly ghostwritten blog, sourced industry news with ghostwritten commentary and one personal post to help viewers get to know you beyond the executive office.

Personality matters in thought leadership. A strategic mix of business and personal content is the winning formula for building an engaged community. A reliable ghostwriter can take the writing off your plate while adding style, creativity, consistency, professionalism and more. At Phenomenal Writing, we can help you craft compelling, authoritative articles that command attention and build trust.

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Let our ghostwriting agency help you bolster your reputation as an authority in your field and make the most of LinkedIn’s resources for business success.