Video script writing services

Before animated videos make their way to content platforms, there is a scriptwriting process that takes place to make sure the story content is clear, concise and captivating. What does your business do? What problem does it solve? What benefits do you provide? These are the questions that need answers in the script of your marketing video before the visuals, sound effects and motion graphics are created. At Phenomenal Writing, we will make sure you are paired with a script writer who understands video marketing for business.

Done well, animated video productions answer viewer questions about your organization (or product) while entertaining your target audience. Writing an animated explainer video script requires more than just having a great idea, however, it takes time and expertise. It also requires a commitment to creating something viewers want to watch and share on social media.

We will guide your viewers to take action after watching your animated message (or whiteboard video). Our solutions are unique and tailored to suit individual clients. We do not use script templates or recycle content for our explainer video creations.

We go a step beyond the traditional three-act storytelling structure and layer your scrips to include unexpected elements that will make your animation just what your audience is looking for.

Let us help you engage the people who are already interested in learning more about you. We’ll help you say more with less, by keeping the script length short and using powerful copy to ensure an effective video. Need help increasing your conversion rates and showing off your brand? We can help.

Animated video explainer videos are excellent ways to tell your company story. Whether you have existing copy that you think is a good script but want to make it better, or you’re starting from scratch, contact us today to help you create phenomenal animated video content.

*NOTE: We are not a production company, but we can refer you to some of our voiceover and animation partners to help you take your script to the next step in the video production process.