Ghostwriting services

Phenomenal Writing provides ghostwriting services for businesses, executives and professionals who want to brand themselves as thought leaders, but do not have the time. Examples of ghostwritten content we provide include LinkedIn articles, blogs, speeches and presentations, non-fiction e-books, and op-ed articles.

Our ghostwriter for hire service is ideal for busy clients who want to publish contently regularly under their name (but do not have the time to create it themselves). We understand the value of positioning yourself as a thought leader and can help you write content that showcases your industry expertise.

Want to build your executive brand? Having writer’s block? Don’t worry about it! Phenomenal Writing’s professional ghostwriter can help you create high-quality content that reflects the depth of your knowledge in your industry. We stand by our work and take each new client on a case-by-case basis to ensure quality service. Having ghostwritten work for years, we have no problem signing a non-disclosure agreement before we begin writing.

Ready to be paired with a ghostwriter to help you with your thought leadership content? Contact us today.

*Please note we do not provide academic ghostwriting services for students.