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5 Presentation Tips to Impress Your Audience

There’s no doubt about it: Presentations are a key part of business. Whether pitching an idea to your team, giving a presentation at a conference or leading a meeting, making a strong impression is essential. These five tips will help you deliver an impressive presentation that will capture your audience’s attention and leave them in awe.

  1. Use props. Props are excellent devices to explain a concept or to reinforce what you’re saying visually. They can help you grab your audience’s attention and make your presentation more memorable. For example, if you’re presenting something related to cost reduction, you could use a giant pair of scissors or even a sword (depending on how dramatic you want to be and if it fits your company culture) to help illustrate your point. Check out this video for more tips on using props. To be effective, the prop must be big enough for your audience to see it clearly. A too-small item will miss the mark.
  2. Finish earlier than they expect. You rarely hear anyone comment that a speech or presentation was too short. Ending five to ten minutes earlier than scheduled is a gift for most audiences.
  3. Integrate multimedia. Sounds, scents, 3D motion graphics and even holograms if you have the budget—these are all examples of media that can level up your presentation! Create a mood to tell stories and persuade your audiences.
  4. Get vulnerable. Share some of your stories and personal struggles. It’s OK not to be perfect all the time—it’s human. Sharing a story of challenge and triumph or a struggle to go from hopelessness to success is memorable and connects you with the audience in a real and individual way.
  5. Involve them. Make your presentation interactive in a meaningful way to involve your audience in your content and create a connection that lasts beyond your presentation time.

There are many ways to level up your speeches and presentations. Using techniques from props to multimedia effects, and by embracing brevity and vulnerable storytelling, you can captivate any audience and deliver a message they will remember long after you’ve left the room. Try these tips and see what works for you. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more tools and resources to make your speeches phenomenal.