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Improve Your Business Writing with these 4 Tools

Tools for writing

Whether it’s an email, article, speech or press release, writing for business is a given for most corporate employees. From the rank and file workers to the leaders in the C-Suite, written communication is more likely to be a part of one’s day than not.

If you want to give your writing a boost but are unsure of what tools can help you with productivity; the following resources can be invaluable in helping you sound your best:


1- Grammarly

Last month I decided to go for an annual subscription to this online grammar-checking service and have zero regrets. I write hundreds (sometimes thousands) of words per day between my business and creative projects and have found Grammarly to be an extremely valuable tool. It leaves Microsoft Word in the dust when it comes to catching complex errors (even in text messaging if you download the Grammarly keyboard). Subscriptions are available as monthly, quarterly and annually, with the monthly being the most expensive at $29.95. The cost goes down to $11.66 if you pay for the service annually. Learn more here:

2- Brainy Quote

Free and easy to use, seems to offer an endless supply of quotes to inspire your readers. Quotes are not necessary for all types of writing, but when inserted thoughtfully, they can punch up the tone and spirit of a piece. They can also help your writing land more deeply with your readers. Start searching quotes now:

3- The Right Margin

If you’re big on goal-setting (or want to be) then The Right Margin, might be an excellent tool for you. This platform prides itself on helping writers finish what they write. It’s all about goals, milestones, and structure with this resource. It’s free to try and has a three-tiered pricing structure after the trial period expires. Learn more here:

4- Dragon Dictation

If you’re a professional who is more comfortable speaking than writing, Dragon Dictation is an exceptional tool. Paired with something like Grammarly, (just copy and paste your dictated text into the latter) this can increase productivity and help you get more writing done in less time. Learn more here:


For the executive who is short on time, whose first language is not English, or who is just not a fan of writing, these tools should offer some reprieve. The cost is nominal considering the promise of improved communication and time saved. Each one has its pros and cons, but hopefully one will be suitable for your needs.

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My coworker suggested I test INK for All and I believe I advocated for Grammarly because I wasn’t educated about CPO. Grammarly is superior to INK in editing grammar. However, Grammarly cannot help out with SEO.

The download link for Mac doesn’t work. Sounds interesting though.

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